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Published on March 13, 2018

How to Know  the Difference Between Happiness and…




… Success. 

Yes, there is a big difference.

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.“- Ingrid Bergman

Success and happiness, happiness and success.

People have a tendency to confuse the two, mixing them up until they can’t distinguish between the very different but seemingly unified terms.

In a culture based on material wealth, profit and earnings, dollars and cents, we’ve grown up to attribute happiness as the product of success, measuring our lives by the level of our achievements and goals attained.

Like a bad analogy, many equate success to the forefront of happiness, foregoing the second part of the equation to achieve the first.

They think happiness is at the end of the climb and success is just a measure of it.

However, if you look at it more closely, there couldn’t be a more wrong way of looking at it. Success is not, and never has been, a reflection of happiness, but rather, the other way around. How happy you are, is the ultimate measure of success, isn’t it?

It only takes a few case studies to realize that success can’t be the recipe for happiness.

If success did lead to happiness, shouldn’t the very rich and accomplished be the happiest people we know?

The famous Jim Carrey, one of America’s most successful comedians, is a multi-millionaire and a hugely popular artiste. He has all the riches and fame in the world. But, listen to these wise words of his:

I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer” – Jim Carrey

Unfortunately, the most successful and rich aren’t always the happiest, as more often than not they gave up real chances for happiness on their way to the top. They got the equation all wrong, mixing up the two variables for an answer that’s pretty far from what they thought they’d get. They believed that success was the answer to happiness and happiness was just a byproduct, a factor, to success.

Like a math problem, or a well-applied analogy, success and happiness are separate, but many times dependent factors.

Success most definitely has a stake in happiness, but not in the way many people think.

Success is an achievement, but happiness is the only achievement. Success should come as a byproduct of happiness — a factor that comes from happiness, derives from it.

Happiness will be there when success is gone, when it’s been subtracted from the equation. Happiness will be there when all else fails, when the answers don’t align and your numbers don’t match up. Happiness is the only answer there is because success is something that should only come when you are doing what you love, not the other way around. It’s the end product of following your passions. Because success may seem like the goal, but happiness is the way there.

I sincerely hope you achieve all the HAPPINESS you can get in this beautiful year and beyond.

Look deep within yourself, identify what truly matters to you, what keeps you spirits high, what keeps that perpetual smile on your face, what keeps that adrenaline pumping, what keeps your heart racing… (positively!),

and go for it. Unapologetically. Unreservedly.  Because that is the true happiness that you deserve.

It may not be fame. nor wealth. nor success.

But whatever it is, only you will know it.

Namaste my friends…





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